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Custom Curved Decks

Curved decking is a great way to personalize your outdoor living space and give your deck that “WOW” factor that everyone dreams of. Clients choose us for curved decks because we have the capabilities to bend the decking in house at our shop in Livonia.

  • Unique Designs & Complex Angles

    or Soft Curves are no problem.

  • Professional craftsmanship

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  • Miss DIG scheduled by

    Woodcraft personnel.

  • Designs and 3D render drawings

    Provided by professional CAD Designers.

Curved Decking Makes Your Backyard Unique and Innovative

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out some of the designs that are possible with curved decking, you are missing out on some of the most unique and innovative looks possible. Here are a few reasons why curved decking is something you will want to incorporate into your own plans.

Soften a Modern or Contemporary Look

Curved decks have a softer look that coexists perfectly with homes that have sharp angles and rectangular lines. They add a design that helps minimize strict details and add a look that is tranquil.

Have a Look That is Different From the Rest

A backyard deck can be your own private getaway but many people have the usual square or rectangular deck that is just like the rest. A curved deck gives you the ability to create a space that is stunning one that is unique and makes your area an extension of your own aesthetic and personal style.

Since there are so many possibilities, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your design ideas. If you have seen designs you like while searching for ideas, choose one that is important to you then make it your own. It doesn’t have to look exactly like what you’ve chosen and you can build upon the initial design to create something totally different.

Curved Decks are Perfect for Hot Tubs and Above Ground Pools

Whether you have a hot tub or an above ground pool, curved decks fit the area with perfection. Imagine having a circular deck surrounding your above ground pool, where there is plenty of area to sunbathe or enjoy a nice, cool drink on a hot summer day.

Another idea is to have a large, outdoor fireplace in the center where you and your family or guests can enjoy the great outdoors even in the cold, fall and winter months.

Multi-Level Decks Look Excellent With Curved Options

If you are in the market for a multi-level deck, curved decking provides a look that is less uniform but more exciting. Combine a top curved deck with a bottom deck that is rectangular or square – or switch them up. A stacked semi-circle is another idea that has a unique look for deck design ideas and you can even add a wraparound bench or a fireplace in the center for a couple of ideas.

You also don’t have to choose just two levels or even pair the straight and curved decks together; two or more circular decks can build upon each other for an impressive look that focuses on soft lines and curves. It’s all up to you how you want your multi-level deck to be built and with having many options, you are able to create something that is all your own.

Curved and Straight Paired Together

Pairing a square or rectangular deck together with curved stairs or benches makes for an idea that is trendy and distinctive. In fact, add a planter or two at the top of the benches for a seasonal look that is colorful and vibrant. This curved bench idea is similar to auditorium seating or the theater where there is stacked areas perfect as both steps and seats.

And speaking of benches, wraparound seating not only gives you more options but it provides extra room for entertaining without the harsh corners and lines that a square deck has. It feels more comfortable and welcoming while still maintaining plenty of space.

Curved Decking Works Well With a Variety of Areas

Not everyone has the traditional backyard with a square area. Whether you have a retaining wall, rock edging, or simply a yard with a lot of hills or cliffs, a this type of deck fits better to the landscape since it can be curved to match in harmony to its surroundings. Instead of removing certain areas or ruining the landscape, curved decking works with it, not against it.

A Stunning Vantage Point

If you are planning to create an upstairs deck that looks out over your backyard or whatever view you have, a curved deck provides a vantage point that is not only amazing looking but works well with areas that are not typically linear lines.

All of these ideas will work with whatever you can dream up to create a look that is your own personal style. You are able to design a deck that fits your needs and showcases a look that stands out and shows your vision perfectly.

Why Choose Trex Decking?

The great thing about Trex Decking is that it is longer lasting than traditional decking. This type of composite decking allows you to enjoy your deck for years without the hassle of rotting, color fading, and splintering. You won’t have to do as much maintenance and it will retain its new look for years to come.

Professionals You Can Count On

If you are considering a unique look for your deck, we have equipment that is able to bend composite boards for decks that are circular, radial, and curved and can also provide this type of service for contractors who do not have the tools for the job. Simply contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs for a stunning and innovative deck.
Woodcraft Builders helps you realize your decking dreams. We are a full service design and build company and we specialize in custom decks that make your outdoor area beautiful, functional, and with work that is professionally done.